Leading the Way in Supporting Our Communities

“Doing the Right Thing” is an integral part of our culture that protects our clients, but also extends outside of our offices and business hours. As a company and as individual employees, we emphasize community engagement by dedicating our time, talents, and financial resources to support local charities and organizations in towns and cities near our offices. 

community engagement

Empowering Our Communities

At CBE Group, we are deeply committed to enriching the communities where we live and work. Through a combination of strategic partnerships, volunteer programs, and charitable donations, we aim to create a meaningful change and provide opportunities that make a lasting impact.

Community Care Program
Community Outreach Program

Employees donate money for a monthly chance to win 1 of 10 Mental Health Days (paid time off); winners can forfeit their Mental Health Day in favor of drawing another employee’s name or donate their Mental Health Day to another employee. Every year CBE will award a total 120 days of paid time off to selected employees. Our amazing employees donate over $15,000 to designated groups every quarter!

United Way Fundraiser
United Way Annual Fundraiser

The month of October is dedicated to raising funds for the United Way, a tradition we are proud to uphold. Historically, our employees have shown tremendous generosity, collectively raising an average donation of $50,000. This significant effort is bolstered by partnerships with local businesses, internal contests and events throughout the month, as well as  payroll deduction contributions made by members of our team.

Partners In Ed
Partners in Education 

We are deeply committed to supporting educational opportunities in local K-12 schools throught initiatives like Franklin Covey’s Leader in Me Program, which aims to foster leadership skills and personal effectiveness in young students. Our employees also participate in buddy programs, fundraisers, back-to-school supply collections, and mentoring students through the Junior Achievement Program.

CBE Group by the Numbers

Our company milestones not only chronicle our history, but weave a story of growth, innovation, and steadfast commitment to our mission. This narrative inspires and reassures our customers, investors, and new team members alike, showcasing our ongoing dedication to excellence and forward momentum.


Donated in 2023


Women in Leadership


Workforce Growth in 2023

Commitment to Sustainability

Commitment to Sustainability

While CBE is a service provider and not a goods manufacturer, we do promote and enforce measures to protect the environment. All CBE offices encourage recycling, and containers are located throughout our buildings for employees to recycle glass, plastic, and aluminum. Printer toner cartridges, light ballasts, and drywall are also recycled. Employees are reminded to turn off lights when a room is not in use. We encourage employees to consider carpooling and use mass transit when possible. Additionally, CBE has implemented a planting program using native prairie grasses and plants on our corporate campus.

CBE has worked with local utility companies to implement energy-efficient LED lighting in our corporate office and parking lot. We have also recently installed energy-efficient HVAC units at this office. All CBE offices strictly enforce a Clean Desk policy that not only increases security but also results in paper waste reduction.

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