Healthcare and Medical Debt Recovery Services

CBE Group specializes in healthcare debt recovery and patient engagement, providing advanced solutions to enhance revenue cycle management and patient satisfaction.

Revolutionizing the

Patient Journey

The CBE Group is where patient satisfaction and efficient debt recovery converge. Through innovative technologies and personalized approaches, we empower patients to navigate their financial obligations effortlessly while ensuring optimal recovery results for our clients.

Our strategic approach to bad debt collection combines detailed work strategies, advanced analytics resources, and industry-leading skip trace resources to optimize the collection process and lower your bad debt portfolio. Our technological savvy combined with fair, honest, and respectful treatment of patients is why we’ve been a provider of choice in medical debt collections since the 1940s.

Ensuring Integrity in Every Action

We provide an exceptional user experience, offering innovative options for patients to make payments, access statements, engage with virtual agents, or connect with live recovery specialists. We aim to enhance patient engagement while maximizing recovery outcomes.

Golden Rule Approach

“Treat others as you want to be treated.” It’s a simple statement that guides our engagement with your customers from the first touchpoint and beyond.

Credibility Assurance

Heightened patient engagement with optimized recoveries begins with establishing trust and rapport with your patients.

Flexible Solutions

Capabilities include Primary and Secondary collections coupled with the flexibility to communicate via email and text, even for aged accounts.

Personal Touch

The consumer experience matters—whether it’s customer service or collections—and we maximize collection results without sacrificing integrity.

Upstream Solutions to Avoid Bad Debt

Early-Out Self-Pay Collections

We utilize our customized processes and advanced technology to take a strategic approach to billing. We work as an extension of your business office, contacting patients and guarantors early in the A/R process to bill, collect, and follow up to improve revenue recovery.

Payment Monitoring

We monitor and manage the communication after a repayment plan has been set up to ensure patients stay on schedule and the revenue cycle remains on track. We employ proactive measures to address issues promptly, facilitating smooth communication and timely resolution of any concerns that may arise.

Insurance Follow-Up

Our dedicated medical insurance recovery team works well with insurance companies, utilizing our solid relationships to dramatically decrease payment processing efforts. Unpaid claims are diligently tracked to ensure quicker billing and resubmissions for our clients.

Our Communication Channels

At CBE Group, we prioritize clear and effective communication with your customers through various channels tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences.



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Social Media

We Live and Breathe Healthcare

Not only do we have a dedicated team for Healthcare, but we continue to immerse ourselves in the healthcare industry by staying active with associations while attending and speaking at industry events. As members of various healthcare and collection & credit industry organizations, we stay informed and connected.


American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management


Healthcare Financial          Management Association


The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals 

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