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At CBE Group, we blend empathy and innovation to deliver outstanding debt solutions. With over nine decades of expertise, we’re not just leaders in our field – we’re pioneers reshaping the future of the financial and customer service industries. 

Simply put: When you partner with CBE, you are working with the best in debt collection.

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Accounts Receivable Management

 Our Approach redefines recovery. With cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of consumer behavior, we offer solutions that respect both client objectives and customer dignity. 

This philosophy is part of a broader approach that emphasizes clear communication, empathetic interaction, and innovative problem-solving skills to effectively manage the intricacies of debt resolution.

At CBE Group, we are more than just a provider – we’re your strategic partner. Let us show you how our primary and secondary debt recovery solutions can provide the results you need.

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Partner with a leading provider of patient account resolution services that put your patients first.


Let our ARM experts help balance the need to collect outstanding debts while maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Connect with us to recover outstanding debt while enhancing your company’s reputation and providing the best customer service.


Reduce disconnections and retain your valued customers with our customer-centric  first- and third-party collection approach.


Optimize your revenue recovery and improve operational efficiency with tailored accounts receivable management solutions.


Team up with a trusted leader of public sector collections to efficiently recover taxes, fines, fees, and other government receivables.

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Real People • Real Problems • Real Solutions

Why Choose CBE Group?

Experience that Matters

Entrust your brand’s voice with CBE’s seasoned team. Over 90 years of commitment to customer service and business needs.

Ironclad Compliance and Data Security Standards

Rest easy knowing that your sensitive customer data is handled with maximum care, ensuring your reputation remains intact.

Empathy at Every Step

Empathy is the cornerston of our interatction with clients’ customers. We believe in respectful, positive interactions, and always putting people first.

Precision-Crafted Solutions

We recognize the individuality of every organization. Our solutions are tailored to suit your distinct requirements, regardless of the size or scope of our partnership.

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Partner with Us

Ready to transform your financial operations with industry-leading accounts receivable management solutions? Reach out to us today to explore how our debt recovery services can drive tangible results for your business.